First Impression


I have lived in many big cities before (Taipei, Dallas, New York, and London), but, after a week, London is by far my favorite city already. Like typical big city, it is very convenient to travel around within London given its comprehensive public transportation system. It is also an energetic city bustling with people and vehicles. Moreover, it is a prosperous city that thrives on multifaceted restaurants and shopping centers. What is impressive, however, is not what London does have. Instead, it is what London does not have that keeps me amazed as I walk down the streets.

First of all, it is just incredible how sanitary the area is. The street is free of litters and cigarette butts, and the subway is very clean and comfortable to ride with as opposed to subway in New York.  I am also surprised to find that there are hardly any homeless people in the area around me. One would assume that London’s streets, like those of other big cities, should be overwhelmed with paupers and homeless. That is, however, not that case.

Before I came to London, I really thought London is going to be just New York on another side of the globe. It turns out that London is, in a good way, very different from New York. I enjoy my daily walk to campus. Sometimes, when I am not in a hurry, I even spend a few minutes inside Russel Square Garden on my way to campus. I don’t mind taking long subway ride here as it is very relaxing and comfortable. If I have to find one fault with the city, it will have to be its high living expenses, but it’s expected. Other than that, it seems that I am having a very enjoyable semester ahead.


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