NYU Student Life

NYU programs offer a wide range of activities for students to participate. So far, as part of the NYU Programs, I have gone to London Eye, Greenwich, and Piccadilly Institute.

London Eye is just this giant Ferris Wheel that everyone must go to in London. It is 443 feet tall and 394 feet in diameter. The whole trip is around 30 minutes. On the London Eye, you can just at the most incredible view of the city in many angles. Of course, it is best to go there at night.

I have mentioned Greenwich in my previous blog. You can learn much about Britain’s royal history in this famous tourist site. Although art and history are not something that get teenagers excited, the cruise on Thames and the beautiful scenery in Greenwich certainly make up for it.

Piccadilly Institute is a bar located at one of the busiest place in London—Piccadilly Circus. A night in London bar is not that different from a night in New York bar, so I won’t dwell on this.

So far, that’s it, but I will be going to a vintage ice skating event at Somerset House at the end of the month. I will reveal the event in my later post.

Overall, I hoped that I could have gone to a lot more events than I did, but I could not go to a lot of the events (Mozart’s Magic Flu, Phantom of Opera, Swan Lake…etc.) because of class conflicts. So please, don’t overload yourself with classes on your study abroad semester. You will regret it!


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