Source: Self

Source: Self

One thing great about Europe is that the pace of life in Europe is much slower than the pace of life in New York. Even in the great business center—London—one is able to enjoy every day in a relaxing and meaningful manner.

Being abroad for a semester has the advantage that I do not have to treat every day like my last day in a foreign country. I don’t have to take my camera and visit a new site every day. In short, I do not have to live like a tourist. This is absolutely great.

On any given day, I can wake up late, get up slowly, and decided where to have my breakfast/lunch. Usually, I have my breakfast at a corner coffee shop just next to the Russell Square Station. A lady would be handing out newspaper to the people passing by and I usually grab one on my way into the coffee house. No rush, I would enjoy my coffee until it is the time to catch my afternoon class.

After class, it’s my time to do grocery. In New York, the way I do grocery sprinting in and rushing out. Here, I don’t. On my way to the local supermarket, Waitrose, I would take a peek into few stores locating next to the supermarkets. I would almost always run into someone I know who happens to be sitting outside of the supermarket having coffee with friends. Inside the supermarket, I always find myself staring at the wide selection of wines, liquor, and beers that the store has. God, British really enjoy their lives. That alcohol isle in the supermarket is my most visited place in London. 


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