Study Part Study Away


I am actually taking full 18 credits this semester and I hate myself for doing this. Without these courses, I will definitely have a much enjoyable time in London. But don’t get me wrong, the courses here are great. The professors are brilliant, the materials are challenging and inspiring, and most of all, professors’ accent just make the classes exciting.

Courses I take this semester are Corporate Finance, Internship Seminar, Issues in Contemporary British Politics and Culture, Business Law and Society, and Social Psychology. These courses are not just regular business and psychology courses. Having these courses in London means looking at these materials in British aspects.

Take the class of Social Psychology, the Professor sometimes assigns us a topic and asks us to go on to the street to find out answers. For example, one topic was how would Londoners react when they heard Americans faking British accent on purpose? I would not go into the details of our findings, but I will suggest that none of you try this on your own. Some Londoners find it amusing, even hilarious, but some Londoners are just incredibly offended by our innocent, although disastrous, attempts.

Another course worth mentioning is the Issues in Contemporary British Politics and Culture. To be honest, that class is boring, yet it is very informational. I actually learn a lot about British culture, British foreign policy, European economy, and many others world knowledge. To be fair, that class is sometimes interesting since occasionally our guest speakers will jokingly poke fun at political figures, especially the French. 


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