Travel Tips



As I have said before, having a plan is extremely important in studying abroad because a sudden travel plan is always very expensive. Not only that, it is sometimes impossible to book train tickets or hotels during tourist seasons. Therefore, I highly recommend visiting this website months before your vacation to construct your travel plans:


This website provides almost all the travel information you possibly need to complete your plan. After you tell the website what your destinations are, it will shows you various travel options that you can consider, including different travel methods and travel route. It also analyzes the pros and cons of each travel methods for you. For example, if you want to enjoy the foreign scenery during the trip, then it is best to book “The Scenic Brenner Pass”. Although it is much more expensive, it really allows you to have a much better look at the foreign country. If budge is an issue, then you should book “TGV high-speed daytime train”. If time is an issue and you do not want to waste day time traveling, you should book “Thello Overnight Sleeper Train”. The website also provides the links that allow you to book the tickets you want.

Personally, I recommend taking the Thello Overnight Sleeper Train. The train departs from Paris and arrives at your destination in the morning. It is very cost effective because it saves you unnecessary hotel bills. Also, it is time effective since you do not waste precious day time traveling. 


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