Working Experience



Since I have the opportunity to intern in a local business firm this semester, I would like to talk about my working experience in London and point out some similarities and differences with my working experience in the United States.

To start, I think British office operates in a more lay-back manner. People are a lot more casual and conversational than I expected. For example, my boss likes to start up conversation, about anything, all the time. There is no strict hierarchy in the office. My boss manages projects, holds meetings, and talks to clients, but he also makes copies and serves coffees. There are no hard lines drawn between positions, and people basically just do everything that needs to be done. People also look after each others in the office. They are proactive and offer me a lot of helps when they see me confused. They also take turns serving coffee/teas for everyone in the office, which I think is just incredible.

On the other hand, my working experience in American office is quite different. The office operates in a more formal way and lines are drawn between different positions. People focus on getting their parts of the job done and wander less into their colleagues’ lives. Coffee is always self-served.

Of course, I am sure there are offices in the United States that are very interactive and offices in Britain that are more self-focused. I am by no mean strictly categorizing the two working environments based on my experiences. I am just sharing my experiences with anyone who might be interested in working abroad during his/her stay.


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