Final Recap

Before I came to UK, I set up a few goals to accomplish during my study away semester. First, I should travel as much as possible, both within and out of UK. Second, I should get the most out of my foreign internship experience. Third, I should establish some worthwhile connections and relationships and stay in contact after my departure.

Concerning my first goal, I am sad to admit that I did not travel as much as I had hoped. Within UK, I have tried to explore new places at least once a week. However, I found it impossible to do for some weekends given that I am taking five classes this semester plus internship. Out of UK, I have only visited France and Italy. I didn’t have the chance to explore Europe more because, again, of my busy schedule.

Moving on to the second goal, I am happy to say that I had a very good internship experience here in London. Although it took 20 hours every week, it was a really nice to be able to work with people here, in a foreign environment and in a different culture.

Now to the third goal, I am excited that I have met some of the most amazing people here and have established good relationships with them. Some of them are co-workers, some of them are NYU London students, and others are people I met outside. I have no doubt that I will stay in contact with them after I go back to the U.S. Personally, as a business student, I believe that making foreign connection is one of the major reason why study abroad is very beneficial to my personal and career growth. As a result, I am quite satisfied with this past semester.


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